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They all say “Duh no girl is bright!”
but then again maybe they were all right…
When girls think everything is going right
everything changes..just like that. and nothings alright.
Guys think its all fun and games.
but playing with a girl’s heart is just LAME.
they call themselves “players”
but the only game they’ve got is the shit they call COD.
thinking passing levels is gonna give them “the bod.”
newsflash boys get your ass moving
show them girls you’re improving.
tell them something sweet
something they can all tweet. but hey don’t do it while you two are in the backseat.
we aint your bitch
so make your own s-which.
No Im not asking you to talk to me every sec,min,hour
the least you can do is buy me a damn flower.
Don’t be acting like a leech. i need my space too so stay far but close so i can reach.
Ending things with not even one explanation
is making me want to go back to vacation.
where everything seemed like perfection
but now im here—-alone looking at my reflection
telling myself “Hey! you’re doing okay! you’re perfectly fine!”
then i look over and see you’re online..
Every guy is the same
different girl each day, trying to see which one to tame.
you said you liked me.
but i was blind back then, nothing i could see.
I forget, is bullshit one word or two?
oh don’t worry baby, I could care less who you screw.
I repeat to myself *big girls don’t cry*
but my heart goes to the day you said goodbye.
You know what makes me different from all those girls?
I am bright.
I aint letting anything ruin my night!
not you or any guy.
no matter how hard they try.