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how do I get 5/5 to follow me that’s the real question

If you listen to Haim’s song “The Wire” at 1:46 it sounds just like One Direction on “Alive” at :52 seconds. "I know, I know, I know"

all 1DDay did was spark and make a wildfire out of my obsession over one direction

crying because Midnight Memories is too perfect

am I the only one that after 1DDay can’t control myself and everything I do reminds me of One Direction and Im constantly singing their songs and thinking of how every one of them is perfect and just wanting to be one of the few that met them but life is so difficult that would never happen

how is one direction so perfect

contemplating what I would get bandmembers if I ever met them is me every day

1DDAY is so fucking gooooood

"I can’t compete with your boyfriend, he’s got 27 tattoos" laughing because Harry alone has more than 40 tattoos 

wake me up when fangirling is in the dictionary 

does anyone else feel music is so fucking therapeutic like its something you’re accustomed to and cannot have enough its like your own personal drug and when you don’t listen to music you feel like things are going to fall apart in an instant 

does anyone else want to move to london  to see all those amazing youtubers, band members, and actors or is that just me